Double Standards? PN?

Home Minister Hamzah Zainudin said the government had no choice but to compound the opposition MPs who had attempted to march to Parliament on Aug 2 as there cannot be “double standards”.

However, he said the government has since agreed to lower the compound from RM3,000 to RM1,000, which is the usual fine for SOP violation.

“At the time, there was SOP that stated we cannot have gatherings anywhere, but based on the spirit of cooperation between the government and the opposition and after discussion with Health Minister (Khairy Jamaluddin), we have agreed for us to lower the compound to the same amount paid by the rakyat.

“We still have to have the compound because there cannot be double standards between the MPs and other rakyats who also had similar gatherings, so we were forced to (compound the MPs). I apologise,” Hamzah said in the Dewan Rakyat today.

Our comment

Heaven forfend that the PN government should lay itself open to accusations of double standards!

These are the self-installed, treacherous defectors whom the people have watched celebrating and breaking every rule in their own book for two years, after all.

These are the hoppers who are now piously proclaiming an anti-hopping law, now they have cheated their electorate.

They illegally slammed shut Parliament to prevent MPs voting or indeed legitimising the very SOP laws they are now seeking to fine them for allegedly breaking.

However, on the very same day this Bersatu Bagman has insisted it would be double standards not to fine all these MPs who were rightfully trying to do the job they are elected to do his Speaker colleague announced he will be letting off their own Law Minister caught out lying to Parliament about a message from  the King…. on the grounds the matter is “time expired“.

So, time expired for the PN toady who misrepresented the King, but punishment time for the opposition who protested that lying, cheating deed.

No double standards?

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