Shock - As Pot Calls Kettle Black!

Azmin cites Anwar’s ‘immoral sexual practices’ in voters’ suit –

Gombak MP Azmin Ali, in his reply to a suit by voters alleging that he had breached his fiduciary to them, cited his loss of faith in PKR president Anwar Ibrahim as one of the reasons for his decision to leave PKR and join Bersatu.

Explaining his loss of faith in Anwar, Azmin cited among others, Anwar’s alleged sexual practices.

In a statement of defence filed through law firm Tetuan Zharid Nizamuddin, Azmin said he did not think Anwar was qualified to lead PKR nor become prime minister.

“The claim is supported by a number of strong allegation with regard to Anwar’s action and/or sexual practices that as a Muslim is immoral, particularly after he was freed (from prison) and returned as the PKR president,” the statement of defence read.

Our comment

There is a video involving two males which most Malaysians have been made unpleasantly aware of. A briefest glance would suggest that its authenticity is compelling, which police confirmed, although they chose to drop investigations into the matter on the grounds they were “unable to link the person in the video with the alleged individual”.

As everyone knows, following his own questioning by police and widespread reports, the ‘alleged individual’ is Azmin Ali.  Yet he has sued no one for saying so, most specifically the other star actor (his former assistant) who released it and accused him of being the other party.

Now the same Azmin is accusing his former boss Anwar over a separate alleged act of misconduct towards another junior employee, for which there is absolutely no evidence whatsoever, save for the testimony of the accuser a year after the supposed event. The police likewise dropped their subsequent enquiries, given the zero evidence of the (far lesser) alleged offence.

Meanwhile, a separate accuser has filed a police report naming a known UMNO figure with a track record in staging fake confessions as having promised to pay him for making similar allegations against Anwar.

Azmin now wishes to use these allegations against Anwar as his excuse for failing to honour a signed pledge not to abandon his party on pain of a RM10 million penalty.  He says he betrayed PH and his constituents out of disgust owing to those unsubstantiated and non-prosecutable claims against his party boss.

Is not the more believable scenario that Azmin was finished as far as his own leadership ambitions in PH were concerned, for the very reasons he holds against Anwar – that owing to scandal he had become unqualified to lead – and therefore chose the mercenary way out by trading with the opposition to snatch power?

Because, had Azmin’s motives in abandoning his voters really been shock and horror over the allegations facing Anwar, would it not have been more honourable to a) resign in protest and b) sue the young man who claimed he was his own sex partner in an ‘immoral’ video?

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