Corruption And Lies - OK So Long As It's PAS

There is no point for a government to command a huge majority when it has no integrity, PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang said.

“What is the benefit if one enjoys majority support but has no integrity and if one lied to the people to secure majority support?

“Lies are enough of a sign that one has lost their integrity, which will definitely lead to other bad behaviours, including becoming a kleptocrat,” he said.

Our comment

One has to remind oneself that this fellow considers himself a scholar. Sadly his efforts to justify his party’s conduct are laughable and lamentable.

PAS do not want to lose their perks of office, bought by betraying their constituents as the original opposition frogs. They are clearly relishing the rewards (listen agin to Muhyiddin’s tactics for buying their loyalty) of being part of the present unelected coup government. Therefore, PAS does not want to face the test of Parliament, let alone another election, by ending the bogus emergency designed to keep them all in office and kleptocrating away.

So, to hell with democracy, which is what he is saying, he wants to stay in office majority or no majority.

The excuse is that PAS, according to Hadi, has more ‘integrity’ than those parties who did not lie to their voters and defect after the election and who actually won the election. In fact, he has the brass neck to say other parties are the liars, which he deplores even though he has admitted that he lied about his allegiances at GE14 and claimed ‘Allah is OK’ with his lying for the political benefit of the party.

By his own words and deeds there is not an ounce of basic moral understanding or integrity in this political party leader who claims to have religion on his side – he has not even the wit to disguise it.


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