The SRC Case Is As Straightforward As a Theft Of A Tin Of Milk From A Supermarket Shelf. No Need For More Time!

Najib Abdul Razak’s newly appointed lawyers are seeking for the apex court to adjourn the scheduled 10-day hearing next month on the former premier’s appeal in the RM42 million SRC International corruption case.

According to a letter from law firm Zaid Ibrahim Suflan TH Liew & Partners to the Federal Court dated today, the legal team said this is because they were just appointed to represent Najib in the appeal.

The letter, signed by the firm’s senior partner Liew Teck Huat, states that Najib instructed them to seek adjournment of the SRC appeal hearing scheduled from Aug 15 to 26.

The lawyer said it is because “on the basis that a wholly new team has taken over conduct of the above matter”.

Our comment

No surprise that Najib and his lawyers have executed their latest preposterous delaying tactic in a series of so many that have been allowed to succeed in dragging out this open and shut SRC case for years.

From the endless ‘encounters with Covid’, to ‘a dog knocked me over’, to this blatantly spurious ‘resignation’ of Najib’s mastermind in obstructive tactics, the slippery Shafee, none of it has been believable, acceptable or tolerable.

So far, every judge has said no and there is almost zero room for manoeuvre in the Federal Court over such a straightforward story of simple theft.

Yet, whilst single mothers are tossed in jail for stealing milk, Najib continues to throw his stolen money at buying time with delay after delay in the hope that he can buy/pervert the next election and then lyingly declare that an UMNO win can trump a judgement in the courts.

We all know what they are up to. As night follows day, it was obvious that the moment the lawyers were swapped the new turncoat, instant millionaire counsel would plead for extra time.

It is said that the former UMNO cum PKR lawyer cum politician, Zaid Ibrahim, is requesting a whole year to ‘get on top’ of the SRC case, which the rest of the world already knows to be a plain as daylight simple theft – about as straightforward a case as a theft of a tin of milk from a supermarket shelf.

As Malaysia’s top judges consider this latest outrageous request for super-special treatment from the nation’s most notorious kleptocrat, Sarawak Report would like to draw their attention to a simple fact.

Mr Zaid Ibrahim has been engaged by Najib for many months already, as is well known amongst legal circles in KL. Therefore, far from being unprepared for this shifting of the case on to his shoulders, he has been up to speed.

In short, Najib’s new counsel has already had adequate paid time to review the case as thoroughly as could possibly be needed to handle the present appeal that has been before the Federal Court for months.

He has also had plenty of time to drum up the new angles and excuses Najib seems to be desperate to find to present as ‘new evidence’ to justify his endless stringing out of a shut case.

There is no need for extra time, therefore, on any front. Zaid should be denied it.

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