Walking Off With The Fixtures And Fittings!

Former prime minister Muhyiddin Yassin today revealed he had been told that much of the furniture in Seri Perdana had been removed as it was claimed to be owned by Najib Razak.

“Based on the report I received, the Prime Minister’s Department also recommended the purchase of furniture as much of the furniture assets in Seri Perdana which were claimed to be owned by the sixth prime minister had been removed,” Muhyiddin, who served 17 months at the top office, said in a statement calling for the details of repair works at the prime minister’s official residence to be made public.

Yesterday, Najib questioned the RM38.5 million spent by the government to carry out repair and renovation works at the sprawling complex in Putrajaya.

Taking a swipe at Muhyiddin, Najib also said the building was still in good condition when he left it in May 2018, adding that the RM38.5 million bill was not justified during the time of the pandemic.

Our comment

So nice to know that the ideological allies in PN (the ideology being greed) are so happily united on the subject of their serial pillaging of public property.

They are agreed, from their own testimony, that they belong to a cabal of thieves, whilst blaming each other for misdeeds.

Najib has queried the outrageous sum spent by Mahiaddin on doing up his prime ministerial quarters (clearly these men’s wives are designed to go on shopping trips together) – specifically a shocking RM38.5 million ‘touch up’ job whilst thousands hungered during Covid.

And ‘Moo’ has riposted that the spend was needed because Najib walked off with most of the furniture before he dived out the place having lost the election in 2018.

Somehow PH survived the intervening period under these Spartan conditions, leading one to assume the elderly Dr Mahathir depends on less luxurious surroundings to perform his duties.

What all this squabbling and bickering yet again reveals is that what unites these ‘allies’ together in PN is merely their thirst for the spoils of office and their expert abuse of power.

They are like hyenas who have joined in a pack to hunt down their prey (namely the Malaysia’s public assets) but who then snarl and turn on one another as they seek to gnaw the last piece of flesh from bones they have already all but stripped bare.

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