New Nat West Chair – The Contract That Wasn’t; The £2m Bonus He “Did Not Receive” and The “Inappropriate” Tax Avoidance Plan He Suggested But “Never Executed”

The new Chairman of Nat West, appointed as a “safe pair of hands” in the wake of the scandal over Coutts, has erased mention of his former employment as COO/President of 1MDB JV partner, PetroSaudi International. At the time he suggested an off-shore tax avoidance scheme for the payment of his bonus …. to be managed by Coutts Zurich, the bank later fined for money laundering Jho Low’s ‘Heist of the Century’ from 1MDB….

Who Is Jasmine Loo?

The high life turned into life on the run for Jho Lows gang and now these prime witnesses are turning themselves in……

Kuwaiti Confidential

1MDB Plus involved $2 BILLION more of Malaysia’s money to cover up the theft. Whilst the Malaysian authorities have tarried over action to get that money back, it seems that once again US investigators have got in ahead of the game, while the UN has cast opprobrium on Kuwait for its treatment of the whistleblower in this case…….

FINALLY – Swiss Prosecutors Indict The PetroSaudi Boys!

Swiss prosecutors have moved to indict the managers of PetroSaudi, Tarek Obaid and Patrick Mahony, who for eight years have managed to spend 1MDB’s stolen money and live unpunished for their role in aiding and abetting Najib and Jho Low in pulling off Malaysia’s Heist of the Century….

How Jho Low Illegally Funded Obama’s 2012 Presidential Campaign Through Rap Star Pras Michel & His Hollywood Pals!

It was Sarawak Report that first spotted the 1MDB linked donations into Democrat campaigns, alerting investigators in the United States. The present indictment against Pras Michel and Jho Low claims they funnelled $100 million in illegal cash to gain influence over President Obama and the US government. The rap star recruited his friends as “Straw Donors” to hide the the real source of the prohibited foreign money….

Kuwaiti ‘Criminal Conspiracy’ Netted Over One Billion Dollars From Malaysia Through Najib/Jho Low

The Kuwaiti criminal court has now published its judgement against what it describes as an “organised criminal group” consisting of Jho Low; Sheikh Sabah, son of the former Kuwait prime minister; his lawyer, Saud Abdelmohsan; a former businesss partner, Bachar Kiwan and Jho Low’s Kuwaiti friend, Hamad Al Wazzan who shared the proceeds of “funds seized from the Malaysian government” totalling in excess of a billion dollars. How much will Malaysia get back and what about the damages?…….

Ten Years In Jail! New Kuwait Judgement – BREAKING NEWS!

The son of Kuwait’s former prime minister, Jho Low’s college mate and Malaysia’s own top fugitive, Jho Low himself, have all been found guilty of laundering hundreds of millions in stolen Malaysian money used by Najib to cover up 1MDB in a landmark ruling by the Gulf state…….

IPIC Admits Guilt But Malaysia Loses Out On Billions Owed

Abu Dhabi’s IPIC has eaten humble pie, having climbed down from demanding $6 billion it had claimed 1MDB owed and instead ponied up $1.8 billion in reparations to 1MDB over its criminal complicity in the heist from which senior figures in the Gulf state raked hundreds of millions of dollars. It is a stunning victory for Malaysia, but it was owed so much more…..

Did Goldman Sachs Violate The Terms Of Its DPA With A Repeat Criminal Bribery Of Malaysian Officials In 2020?

Back in 2020, the extraordinary circumstances surrounding Goldman Sachs’ lightening resolution of its dispute with the Malaysian company 1MDB shortly after the coup led by Muhyiddin Yassin raised several eyebrows. Did the cut price settlement involve a violation of its recently concluded Deferred Prosecution Agreement with the US Dept of Justice? It is time to reveal exactly what happened …….

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